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Here you will discover a collection of guitar lessons and other useful resources. Although some of the work is mine most is material that other authors have kindly allowed me to put on my Website. I can't guarantee that it is all totally accurate although I have read the material and didn't notice any glaring errors. If you do notice a mistake in any of the lessons then please email the author not me (unless its my work of course).


Some links are to Websites outside of mine. In each case I've made a note of the fact in parentheses. Obviously I have no control over their content and can't guarantee that they'll be operational.

Interactive Transposition Wheel
You can play the song, you know the melody but it just doesn't sound right when you sing. With the Interactive Transposition Wheel you can quickly and easily change the key of any song to match your voice. (This part is my work - Editor.)

Chord Transposer
This does the same job as my transposition wheel but goes about the job in a different way. You can paste in your song file click a few buttons and presto! You get your song back completely updated and ready to print out in the new key. (Not part of the Gospel Music Archive.)

Really Big ASCII Chord Chart
How do you play that chord? Find most of the chords you need on the Really Big ASCII Chord Chart. Remember it is big so if you've got a slow connection wait for it to load completely before trying to print it.

Chord Find
An excellent way to see a visual representation of the chord you are looking for. (Not part of the Gospel Music Archive.)

Introduction to Music Theory Part One
The purpose of this lesson is to explain the basic elements of "practical" music theory so that applications such as chord formation, soloing and transcribing skills can be developed.

Introduction to Music Theory Part Two
This part covers intervals and the location of notes.

Using a Capo
This lesson provides details of the uses of capos. It is not essential to understand music theory to use a capo, although a basic knowledge of theory is required for the "advanced" part of the lesson.

Nashville Numbering
Ever seen a song file with odd-looking numbers instead of chords? Those numbers were probably Nashville numbers. This lesson will help you decode the mysterious numbers and make them into chords.

Cowpie Lessons
No, its got nothing to do with avoiding getting your boots covered with dung when you're out in the field, it's a fairly extensive course in Western music theory. This course is 22 pages long and it's presented in Adobe Acrobat 3 format. To view it online you need an Acrobat viewer plug-in for your browser (available from Adobe). To view it on your local computer you need the Acrobat Reader (also available from Adobe).

Music Theory Net
For those of you who want to delve deeper into music theory this is an excellent resource. It is well presented and interesting, essential reading if you want to study music but it might be a bit heavy going if you just want to play your guitar and have fun. Still it's excellent stuff and I could do to spend a bit of time studying there.

Even More stuff to help you
Check out my links page for links to guitar software, tablature sites, CD stores and other useful resources. All the links are handpicked, I'm not paid to direct you to any of them and it won't improve my ranking in any search engines.

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