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These are handpicked links to sites that I've personally visited. None are "Link Exchanges" or sponsors.


*Please note that Web sites come, go and move. Servers are sometimes not working or inaccessible so occasionally the link might not work.

Musician's resources

Harmony Central: Guitar: Tablature
Search the Internet for all types of music with guitar chords, tab, words, etc. Lots of links and other resources. Recommended

It's offline again but I've left the link so you can read their statement if it interests you.

Guitar Tab Universe
Good selection of secular tabs and chords.

An archive of country songs complete with chords or tab. The songs are arranged alphabetically by artist. If you like country there's an excellent selection and quite a few Gospel numbers to be found.
Lots of links and guitar information.

Chord Find
Find the chord you're looking for

Acoustic Guitar Central
Online tutorials and other interesting stuff from Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Music Theory Net
Great site for those of you who would like to learn about music theory. Well designed and interesting with no adverts or pop-ups.

ABC Learn Guitar
Free beginner guitar lessons, plus tips and resources on buying a guitar, songwriting, recording and creating a musical career.

Guitar Software

Chord Transposer
Online Key transposition. You can use it to change the key of songs you've downloaded from this site. There is also a visual chord finder at this site.
You can:
- Transpose songs in either conventional or Chord Pro format
to the key that is most comfortable for you to sing and play.
- Convert Chord Pro to conventional format.
- Display guitar chord fingering patterns over each chord, or
just at the bottom of the page.
- Instantly display other fingering patterns for the chords
with a single mouse click.

Tabs, Lyrics & Chords
An odd name for a piece of software but it's well worth checking out. It has a lot of features, such as automatic transposition, chord charts, built in tablature editor and a whole lot more.

Camp Fire Guitar
This clever program will show you how to play all the chords in the files you have downloaded or are about to download. It's easy to use and useful to anybody who collects guitar songs from the Internet.

Tablature creation program for Windows. This is probably the most complete and well-featured of the many tab programs available.

Shareware Music Machine
Find shareware for musicians and other information.


Christian Music Sites

Christian Music Web
Plenty of Chords and tabs and other information and links. If the music on my site is too old-fashioned for you and you like Alternative and Rock then there's plenty for you at this site.

The Cyber Hymnal
A collection of hymns with accompanying MIDI files, interesting.

Sweet Music
Used and out of print Christian music. Includes, CDs, vinyl, sheet music and backing tracks. Can be expensive for some items.

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Recommended viewing

FREE computer Bible for Windows. Excellent fully featured electronic Bible. This is not a demo or "crippleware". There are loads of modules, Bible versions, commentaries and other goodies you can add to this excellent program. This is as good and better than some software that would cost you lots of money. Yes it really is free.

Bible Search
Online Bible search and much more. This site aims to answer just about all of your Bible questions.

"The Best Christian Links". They said it, not me and I don't know if I agree.

Huge online encylodepedia

Best of the Christian Web
Christian search engine and other links, news, information, etc.

Christian Links for Kids and Teens

Excellent Christian magazine. Web site only has a few previews of the printed version.

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Other interesting places to visit

Sheet Music Plus
Buy sheet music online.

This famous online store also sells sheet music and CDs

I've used the following CD stores and found them to be reliable with good service and low prices.

CD Universe
Update your CD collection at this online CD store.

Second Spin
Used CDs, really low prices at this store. Big selection and good quality (at least the ones I bought were good).

Duffelbag (Now called "The Great Escape")
Low prices; they have a large selection of both new and used recordings in all formats. I found their service to be a little slower than others but good nonetheless.

Maybe the best place to find shareware on the Net.

Download Com:
If a program can be downloaded then you can probably find it here.

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