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  • A Few Words

    I hope that you enjoy touring the site and that the songs are a blessing to you, they certainly are to me. Even if you aren't a musician you can always sing the lyrics.

    Many of the arrangements are fairly simple and some songs, like Amazing Grace or He's Got the Whole World, could be tackled by a beginner.

    A lot of the songs are timeless classics enjoyed by millions. You can carry these songs in your heart to give you comfort wherever you are and, like Jesus, they'll never let you down. Even if you're not "religious" many of the songs on these pages are great songs in their own right.

    The songs are all arranged by title in alphabetical order (except if I made a mistake!). With the exception of "lyrics only" files they are all in HTML format which can be imported into your word processor. If you prefer to have your songs in plain text format you can either save them as plain text or cut and paste them into a text editor.

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    Why This Site was Created

    This site was created because, although there are plenty of guitar sites, there are none with the type of material on this site. Most of the material on this site can't be found anywhere else on the Internet and that which can be found is scattered in various remote locations.

    This site has been set up as a free and noncommercial service to guitarists round the world and its aim is to help spread the Gospel of Christ through music. To make sure that Christians of all denominations can enjoy its contents I've avoided any dogma or teachings on this site, my aim in presenting this site is only to spread the Gospel through music.

    Since its inception the Gospel Music Archive has attracted visitors from around the globe speaking all kinds of languages, coming from many denominations and even from other faiths. It is a pleasure be of service to you all and to help fulfill the scriptural command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

    I wanted this site to be attractive and graphical with a Web-based interface but still be fast and practical to use. Hopefully I have accomplished this aim.

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    If you have any problems with the songs or files that you download then please check the FAQ sheet to see if there is an answer already. If not then please write. I'll be happy to e-mail any song to you that you can't get to display properly in your browser.

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    A Note for Beginners

    Please check out the "Beginner's Corner" for a special selection of songs that we here have found suitable for those of you who are learning your first chords.

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    Make a Donation

    If you've enjoyed this site, found it useful and would like to give something back, you can make a donation of any size to help with the running costs. This site has always been free and, with the exception of the search engine, it has no adverts or sponsored links. Any money received will help to improve this service.

    Click on the icon below to learn how to make a donation using Pay Pal or credit card (clicking the link does not commit you to anything).

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