Beginner's Corner


If you're just starting to play the guitar then we have a selection of songs on this page to help you.  These songs have been specially selected because of their relatively simple chords and strumming patterns. Naturally if you are struggling to hold down a chord and your fingers are hurting then no song seems simple, but some songs are a lot easier to play than others.


These songs are not meant to be a tutorial but are to give you something inspiring to play with the chords you have already learned.  If you are looking for tuition Web sites then try following some of the links from Harmony Central.

The Gospel Music Archive  is aimed primarily at people who have already mastered the basics, however with a chord book (or equivalent program) you could look up the chords. Campfire Guitar is a great program that you can use to help you with files from this site, it can print out the song complete with chord pictures.

If any of the songs contain seventh chords, and you are not familiar with the fingering pattern then you can just play the major chord. For example a when a song has G7 you could play G instead until your playing improves.

Don't be put off by slash chords, i.e. G/F or C/E, keep things simple and play the first chord before the slash. So a chord like G/C would become plain old G, not as snazzy but it'll sound fine.

Nothing beats finding a real live teacher (anyone who plays and is helpful) for learning to play well and with confidence. So after you've downloaded a few songs, go and persuade someone to teach you how to play them. When I first started to play the guitar and sing I was more famous for emptying the room than getting people to listen, so don't get discouraged if you have the same effect on people. We all have to start somewhere.


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Beginner's Songs

  Amazing Grace

  The Glory-Land Way

The Gospel Express

Heaven's Train

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Into My Heart

Jesus Loves Me

Michael Row the Boat Ashore

Old-Time Religion

Precious Memories

Roll Away

Silent Night

Stand up for Jesus

This Train

Time to be Happy


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