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Performer: Kathy Mattea
Album: Good News
From: Bo Frazer
Words and music: Allen Shamblin and Austin Cunningham


Intro 1:
      C         G        D  Em
Oh, a man named John the Baptist
         C     G       D
Had been heralding the news
          C      G    D  Em
About the coming of a Savior
             C        G       D   G
For both the Gentiles and the Jews.

Intro 2:
And it happened in Judea
In the town of Bethlehem,
With a bright star o'er the stable
Was born the Son of Man.

Verse 1:
Oh, the angels were rejoicing
       C         G
As the tiny baby cried,
        C                G
For the hope of man's salvation
     C            D
In a manger had arrived.
Meek as a lowly shepherd,
        C            G
But the mightiest of kings,
         C               G     C
He gives peace and life eternal
        G    D         G
To whosoever calls His name.

G D   C   G
Oh, Emmanuel,
    C        G        Em  D
The Father's precious Son,
        G        D        C       G
Who forgives our sins and washes clean
     C        D    G
The hearts of everyone.

Verse 2:
What a wonderful beginning
To the greatest story ever told;
His birth still rings with promise
As true as in days of old.
So let us sing His praises
And let us open up our hearts
And receive His timeless message
That gives us all a brand new start.

Intro 1