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Words & Music by Chris Rice  1995 Clumsy Fly Music
Transcription by

Welcome to Our World

Key   : E

E  E/G#  B/A   A       E/B  B   E Esus

E             E/G#      B/A             A
Tears are falling,      hearts are breaking
E/B             C#m      F#/A#
How we need to hear from God
C#m              E/B  B/A            A
You've been promised, we've been waiting
E/B    G#7/C  C#m   A        B    E    Esus
Welcome Holy Child, Welcome Holy Child

E             E/G#  B/A          A
Hope that You don't mind our manger
E/B            C#m       F#/A#
How I wish we would have known
    C#m      E/B  B/A        A
But long-awaited  Holy Stranger
E/B      G#7/C   C#m             A         B       E Esus
Make Yourself at home,    Please make Yourself at home

E          E/G#    B/A        A
Bring Your peace into our violence
E/B            C#m       F#/A#
Bid our hungry souls be filled
C#m      E/B      B/A        A
Word now breaking Heaven's silence
E/B    G#7/C   C#m       A       B       E    Esus
Welcome to our world,    Welcome to our world

F         F/A   C/Bb         Bb
Fragile finger  sent to heal us
F/C            Dm        G/B
Tender brow prepared for thorn
Dm   F/C         C/Bb            Bb
Tiny heart whose blood will save us
F/C    A7/C#   Dm         Bb   C     F   Fsus
Unto    us  is born,      Unto us is born

   F         F/A    C/Bb         Bb
So wrap our injured flesh around You
F/C                 Dm       G/B
Breathe our air and walk our sod
Dm     F/C     C/Bb       Bb
Rob our sin and make us Holy
F/C    A7/C#   Dm        Bb     C      Dm
Perfect Son of God,     Perfect Son of God
Bb      C       F
Welcome to our world