Please DO NOT send any more Word Processing files (MS Word, etc). I've been recieving too many infected files and files of dubious origin.


If you would like to submit a Gospel song for inclusion on these pages please e-mail it to the address below. If you see a song on these pages that you have a better or different arrangement for, chords when the version we've included only has the lyrics, or tab when we have only put up the chords then please feel free to send your version.

Make sure that you have included the song name, artist's name (if applicable) and your own name. Please don't send original material that isn't known by a large amount of people. If you can, include other information such as the name of the album from which the track comes and/or the name of the author of the words and music. The song should be complete with all the lyrics and chords needed for playing it. If it is a tab file then it is helpful to include a few playing hints and mention if it is the melody or an accompaniment.

Many of the songs in the archives are public domain or have been covered by many artists, but maybe you have been listening to a particular version of the song that fellow guitarists would find helpful for their playing technique. Make sure that the file is your own work. I will not knowingly include a song in the archives that makes use of copyrighted material. You should also check the archives to make sure you are not duplicating material.

If you want to create some tablature to include on this site but dread the task then I recommend that you try a shareware program called "TablEdit". This program enables you to create ASCII tab without staying up all night. Well you might end up staying up all night anyway but at least it does the donkey work for you.

Formatting your Song

When you format your song there are a few guidelines to help you.

  • If you put the chords above the lyrics then you must use a fixed width font (Courier New on the PC or Courier on the Mac). You should use the spacebar to move your chords into position, DO NOT use the tab key. XP and Vista users can easily change the default font of Notepad to Courier New.
  • You can also use this format:

[E7] Oh, come, [A] angel band,
[E] Come and a[A]round me stand,

  • The above is easier to work with but does take a little longer to type. This format is recommended but the first method is fine also.
  • When typing you should limit the width of the page to 75 characters. Longer lines will wrap around on most systems, this is very frustrating when the first layout method is used because it makes the file look a real mess and the chords have to be realigned.
  • You may send your song in e-mail format, or as an attachment. Modern e-mail programs allow you to format in HTML but the preferred format for your songs is plain text.
  • If your file is incorrect we'll let you know so that you can try again. Don't worry we're polite and fairly patient :-).
  • If you are sending several files then you may send them in ZIP format (RAR and others are okay but some Apple Mac formats might not work on my PC - No self-extracting files please).
  • No more binary attachments or Word Processing files please; this is due to the vast amounts of infected attachments I've been receiving.

Your File and The Gospel Music Archive

  • We retain the right to modify or remove files.
  • Headers, signature files, personal comments and the like, or other material extraneous to the musical content may be removed or edited.
  • In cases of duplication of a song, we may remove a transcription and retain the one that is of better quality. When the transcriptions offer two substantially different, but equally good, interpretations of the song then we will retain both versions in the archives.
  • Proper credit will always be given to the author of the transcription. If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect that right and no credits will appear.
  • If you wish to have a file changed or removed from the archives then email the editor

Send Your Submission

Send your submissions and any other correspondence to the man in the picture by clicking on the address to his right. God bless you.

Note: Due to the high volume of spam and viruses I receive on a daily basis your email might get deleted by my scanning software. If you don't receive any reply then please check your system for viruses (usually caused by opening infected attachments). Make sure the Subject line doesn't read like an advertisement, then send the email again. Do not attach any files with the extension SCR or PIF as these are all automatically deleted.

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