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From: "Bo Frazer"
Performer: Kinleys 
Words and music: Lerner, Golde, Booker


Note -- some weird voicings here; the bass seems to be playing
an F chord after the Bb6 in the chorus, so I may be wrong on 
the Gm to C thing, but these chords will work just fine -- sorry!

Intro = see bridge chords
G                     C
Hope, everybody needs hope, some kind of
G7                                     C
Peace of mind that they can call their own,
                    G                   C
And everybody needs love, just a little trust, 'cause sometimes
G7                                      C
Eatin', sleepin', breathin' just ain't enough.
As long as the truth is on the table,
As long as there's kindness down the line,
                G7                             C
Like the little babies in the cradle, we'll be fine,

           D Bb6
'Cause I believe
Gm                   C
Somebody's out there watchin'
Gm                   C 
Somebody's out there watchin'
    D Bb6
I believe
Gm                   C
Somebody's out there watchin'
Gm                   C             G
Somebody's out there watchin' over me.

Dreams, everybody needs dreams,
All the joy and happiness that the good life brings.
Everybody needs freedom, everybody needs touch,
Somewhere to lay their heads when it gets to be too much.
Got enough time to last forever,
Got enough faith to get us home,
We're never gonna die and go to heaven all alone,

Hidden from us, in the sky above us,
      F       C         G
I can feel it all around.
Hard to see them, but I do believe that
          F      C          G
There are angels looking down.