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From: "Jones, WilliamA"
Performer: Charlie Waller

The Waltz of the Angels

Capo III

D               G                      D
There must be a power much higher than I
A writer of love songs way up in the sky
             D                         G
The maker of roses of a love sweet and true
                     D               A        D
and the waltz of the angels he wrote just for you
( this was the orig. 2nd chorus)
(The moonlight and you - orig. #1st time chorus)

    D                           G
The waltz of the angels, I hear each time
                A                        D
That I hold you tightly in these arms of mine
     A          D                    G
It must be from heaven, this music I hear
                          D       A           D
When your lips say I love you and waltz by my ears
(in waltz time my dear (orig. line)


Inst  verse chords


And the waltz of the Angels he wrote just for you.

       Orig. 2nd verse not used by C.W.
Oh hurry my darlin, to my waiting arms
I'll love you forever, and keep you from all harm
We know love is endless, our hearts have been kissed
by the waltz of the angels, and far beyoud this