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Sweet Wind
Words and Music by David Ruis

D         Dsus D2 D
There's a wind a blowin'
D      Dsus D2 D
All across the land
   D         Dsus D2 D
A fragrant breeze of heaven
D        Dsus D2 D
Blowin' once again
G           Gsus G2  G
Don't know where it comes from
G           Gsus G2 G
Don't know where it goes
But let it blow over me

A         G
Oh sweet wind (rain, fire)
Come and blow (pour, burn) over me

There's a rain a pourin'
Showers from above
Mercy drops are comin'
Mercy drops of love
Turn your face to eaven
Let the water pour
Well let it pour over me

There's a fire burnin'
Falling from the sky
Awesome tongues of fire
Consuming you and I
Can you feel it burnin'
Burn the sacrifice
Well let it burn over me

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