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Words and music: Marty Robbins
Transcribed by Kenny Michael,
The song is in 12/8 time with arpeggiated chords

My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

1st Verse:

(C)Hands that are strong, but (Em)wrinkled

(F)Doing work that never gets (G)done.

(C) Hair that's lost some of the (Em) beauty,

(F)By too many hours in the (G)sun.

(C)Eyes that show some (Em) disappointment

And there's (F)been quite a lot in her (G)life.

(C)She's the found(C+)ation I (F)lean on(Fdim)

(C)My woman, my (G) woman, my (C) wife.

2nd Verse:

Everyday has been uphill,
We've climbed but we can't reach the top.
I'm weak and I'm easily discouraged,
She just smiles when I want to stop.
Lips that are weary but tender,
With love that strengthens my life.
A Saint in a dress made of gingham,
My woman, my woman, my wife.

(F)Two little babies were (Em) born in the Spring,
but (Dm)died when the (G7)Winter was (C) new.
I (Am)lost control, of my (Em)mind and my soul,
But my (D7)woman's faith carried us (G)through.

3rd Verse:

When she reaches that river,
Lord you know what she's worth.
Give her that mansion up yonder,
'cause she's been through hell here on Earth.
Lord give her my share of Heaven,
If I've earned any here in this life.
'cause I believe she deserves it,
My (C)woman, my (G)woman, my(Am)wife(Fm)(C)