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Performer: LeAnn Rimes
Words and music: Dennis Matkosky and Ty Lacy
Transcriber: Sandra
Available on the CBS soundtrack “Jesus”

I Need You


[G]I don't need a lot of things,
I can [C]get by with nothing
[G]Of all the blessings life can bring,
I've [C]always needed something
[Am]But I've got all I want
When it [Em]comes to loving you
[Am]You're my only reason,
[C]You're my only truth [D]

I need you[G] like water [D]
Like breath[C], like rain
I need you[G] like mercy [D]
From hea[C]ven's gate
There's a [Am]freedom in your[Em] arms
That [C]carries me through [D]
I need you  G D C
[1. G D C]
[2. Am C D]
[3. G D C]

[G]You're the hope that moves me
To [C]courage again
[G]You're the love that rescues me
When the [C]cold winds rage[Am]
And it's so amazing
‘Cause [Em]that's just how you are
[Am]And I can't turn back now
'Cause you've [C]brought me too far [D]

Repeat chorus x2

Oh Yes I do….G  D  C…G   D  C…