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Words & Music: Don McLean
Album: Chain Lightning
 Copyright DON McLEAN MUSIC, A Division of THE BENNY BIRD CO, INC.

Genesis (In The Beginning)

In the be[G]ginning there was [Em]nothingness and [Am]God but waved his [D]hand
and [G]from the endless [B7]void there sprang the [C]beauty of the [D]land
and [G]high above the [B7]canyon walls the [C]diamond stars were [Bb]new
and [A]breezes blew from [Am]nothingness and [Dm]herbs and grasses [E7]grew
and [Am]silent creatures [Am7/G]roamed the Earth and [Dm]multiplied their
and [Cmaj7]man was but a [Am]molecule that [E7]God had left be[Am]hind.


We have [C]grown we have [Am]grown, we have [Dm]captured the [G]throne
of the [C]kingdom God [Am]made for our [Dm]winning. [G]
We have [C]grown we have [Am]grown, but our [Dm]children a[G]lone
have so [C]little time [E]left for be[Am]ginning.

And mountains sprang and chaos rang the overture of life
and rivers coursed the twisted blade of natures sharpest knife
and cut beneath the rolling dales a gateway to the sea
while tidal waves and mighty gales were heard in symphony
and sunshine fell upon the waves and warmed the virgin land
and from the mud a drop of blood was left upon the sand.


And eagles flew from craggy peaks above the garden wall.
The drop of blood became a man, the tree of life grew tall.
And perfect in his loneliness, a rib pulled from his chest
formed a sweet companion of pulchritude and breast.
And from the tree of knowledge God said they could not eat.
And perfect was their paradise unto the serpent at their feet.


Tree of knowledge, tree of death, upon the ground they trod.
The serpent said your eye's will see and ye will be a god.
Defy the word and eat the fruit and ye will never die
and you will chart your destiny and rule the Earth and sky.
And man was banished east of Eden. See what we have lost.
For though the father sets the price, the children pay the cost.


Do7 (D Dim 7 I think) xxo1o1
Consists of:
5th & 6th not played
3rd string first fret
2nd Open
1st string first fret