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Jones, WilliamA

Answer Your Call
The Seldom Scene

Capo II 3/4 time

Open C

C                                    F
Rode out of Savanna headed up the seaboard
         G                                                    C
Tried to sing~ an old~ gospel song tried to recall all that I could
It was something about living the good life like Jesus had done
    G                                                          C
And turning your back to the dark side of life, and facing the Son

I've got no one to blame but myself for the trouble I've seen~
I'm riding this long lonesome road, in search of some dream~
Where ? ever I'm going, things won't seem much different at all
Til I run to look at myself and answer your call

Inst. Guitar then Mandolin

Gathered friends all around me, to listen to my side of it all
But they don't want to listen, they know, they can't aswer the call
I've run out of excuses by running and hiding, I've got to turn my face from the wall
Then maybe someone will hear me, O Lord, and I can run after all