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By Rogers and Hammerstein

When you (C) walk through a storm,
Hold your (G) head up high. 
And (F) don't be (C) afraid of the (G) dark.
At (C) the (Dm) end of the (Bb) storm
Is a (F) golden (Dm) sky,
And the (Bb) sweet (Am) silver (Gm) song (F) of the (Esus4) la(E-C)rk.  (C7)

Walk (F) on through the (Fdim) wind,
Walk (C) on through the (Fm6) rain,
Though your (C) dreams be (Em) tossed and (F) worn. (G)
Walk (C) on, walk (C+) on,
With (F) love in your (D7) heart,
And you'll (C) ne(C+)ver (Fmaj7) walk (D7) a(G)lone.
You'll (C) ne(C+)ver (F) walk (F/G) a(C)lone.

(Repeat second verse)