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Words and music: Joe Darin and Mitch Leigh
First performed in the movie: Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote)


To (Cmaj7) dream (C) the impossible (Cmaj7) dream, (C)
To (Fsus2) fight (F) the unbeatable (Fsus2) foe. (F)
To (Em) bear with unbearable (F) sorrow,
To (Dm) run where the brave dare not (G7) go.

To (Cmaj7) right (C) the unrightable (Cmaj7) wrong, (C)
To (Fsus2) love (F) pure and chaste from (Fsus2) afar, (F)
To (Em) try when you arms are too (F) weary,
To (Dm) reach the unreachable (Gsus4) star. (G7)

This is my (C) quest, to follow that (Am) star,
No matter how (Em) hopeless no matter how (F) far.
To fight for the (Am) right without question or (A6) pause.
To be willing to (C) march into hell for a (Am) heavenly (Bb) cause.
And I (Dm) know if I'll only be (Bb) true to this glorious (E) quest,
That my (F) heart will be peaceful and calm (Dm6) when I'm laid to my (Em) rest.

And the (Cmaj7) world (C) will be better for (Cmaj7) this, (C)
That one (Fsus2) man (F) scorned and covered with (Fsus2) scars, (F)
Still (Em) strove with his last ounce of (F) courage,
To (C) reach (Dm) the unreachable (C) star.