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Words and music: H P Blancard and Ralph E Stewart
From: Guitar Picker -
My Heart's Prayer

Eb     G7     Cm
My new life I owe to Thee
Fm     Fm7     Bb   Bb7
Jesus, Lamb of Calvary
Eb      G7        Cm
Sin was cancelled on the tree
Eb      C7     F7 Bb Eb
Jesus, blessed Jesus

Humbly at Thy cross I'd stay
Jesus keep me there I pray
Teach me more of Thee each day
Jesus, blessed Jesus

Grant me wisdom, grace and power
Lord I need Thee every hour
Let my will be lost in Thine
Jesus, blessed Jesus

Saviour, Thou hast heard my plea
Thou are near so near to me
Now I feel Thy strengthening power
Jesus, blessed Jesus