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From:  Dan Engel
Performer: Harvest

Mountain Climber

C      3 3 2 0 1 0
Em     0 2 2 0 0 0
Dm     x 0 0 2 3 1
G7     3 2 0 0 0 1
F      1 3 3 2 1 1

     C         Em           Dm  G7     C
I'm climbing a mountain just over the valley,
A mountain so high I can't see to the top;
I stood at the bottom and wondered if I could make it,
Then something within me said I had to try.

   F              C               Dm  G7        C
So mountain, move over 'cause I'm climbin' to heaven;
  F             C                Dm             G
I know that the way is rough and hard,
          G               C      Em  Dm/G7
but I'll reach the other side.


    C          Em        Dm  G7      C
I'm crossing a river just over the mountain,
There's people who say it's too deep and too wide;
But there is a man they don't know who will guide me,
He's been there before so I'll follow behind.

     F         C                Dm  G7          C
So river, just bow your head and let us walk over,
        F         C                 Dm
 'Cause I'm gonna sing and dance on you 'till I
G                  C      Em Dm G7
reach the other side.


     C            Em      Dm  G7           C
The mountain and river are now far behind me,
I know it was hard, but it seems like a dream;
I'm feasting on riches and drinking from fountains.
Of sweet Living Water that never runs dry.

F           C                  Dm  G7              C
There is no mountain that's too high to cross over,
F           C        Dm            G
There is no river so deep you will drown.
    F           C             Dm  G7       C
So lift up your eyes and look beyond the horizon,
F           C                   Dm            G            C  Em Dm G7 C
Follow the morning sun and like me you will find the other side.