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Submitted by: Gene Graham
Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr.
Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr.


CAPO: 3rd Fret/KEY: B/PLAY: G
[G] In a little pine grove [C] by the old home
There's [G] someone who's [D7] restin' a-[G] lone [D7]
And [G] there on the the tomb these [C] words I read
The [G] words were [D7] Mother is [G] gone. [G7]

[C] Mother is gone to her [G] home
Way up in [D7] heaven a-[G] bove [D7]
And my [G] heart's so sad for the [C] words I read there
The [G] words said [D7] Mother is [G] gone.

As I stood alone with mem'ries of home
The place I left long, long ago
I returned home but I waited too long
For the words said Mother is gone.

My friends did say before she went away
She called my name o'er and o'er
So trustin' in God's love, I'll meet her above
Over there on that other shore.