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From: "wbartlett"
Words and music: David Charels, Chris Bartlett, Jeffrey Lawrence
One basic up and down strum pattern

Lord You are my Shield and Sword

D        A        E    (on 3rd time, all instruments on E)
(two measures)-wait-

Psalm 144 1-2
Verse 1
D          A      E
Praise the lord, my rock
D              A   E
Who trains me for war
D              A     E               A
He gives me a worthy cause to fight for
D          A     E
He trains for battle
    G                               A
He protects me like a strong walled town
   D                        E
He gives me the wisdom and strength
    D    A   E      D   A   E
To stand my ground

G        A        D                 A
My..... lord you are my sword and shield
G          A           D     A       G
Your..... word is the ONLY weapon I carry
 A             D
To the battle field     x2

Verse 2
D              A   E
My enemies are so many
    D    A        E
And I am so very few
D               A   E   A     D     A     E   D  A  E
Lord, your the only one   that I can turn to
D          A        E
My life is in your hands
     D             A       E
And life seems so hard at times
D       A        E
When I turn for help
      D       A      E      D   A   E
Your word is what I find