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From: "George"
This song is from the United Methodist Hymnal
Copyright 1979 Ediciones Paulinas
Translation copyright 1989 The United Methodist Publishing House
Translated from the Spanish text by Gertrude C. Suppe, George Lockwood
and Raquel Gutierrez-Achon

Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore

(verse 1)
 [D]Lord, [A]you have come to the [D]Lakeshore,

looking [G]neither for wealthy nor [A]wise ones.

You only [D]asked me [A7]to follow [D]humbly. [D7]


O [G]Lord, [A]with your eyes you have [D]searched me,

and while [Em]smiling, [A]have spoken my [D]name. [D7]

Now my [G]boats left [Em]on the shoreline [D]behind me, [Bm7]

By your [Em]side, [A]I will seek other [D]seas.

(verse 2)
You  know so well my possessions.
My boat carries no gold and no weapons.
You will find there, my nets and labor.

(back to chorus)

(verse 3)
You  need my hands full of caring,
through my labors to give others rest,
and constant love that keeps on loving.


(verse 4)
You, who have fished other oceans,
ever longed for by souls who are waiting,
my loving friend, as thus you call me.