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From:"carl hamilton"

Words and Music: Carl Hamilton

Looking for a robe and a crown

Med tempo

Verse 1
(D) I may not be able to (A) walk this road (D)alone
And I may not be able to (A)stand on my (D)own,

But as(G) long as I can hold on to a(D) power much greater than mine
Then my Lord will be(A) with me all the (D)time.


Verse 2
(D)Many nights I have(A)cried myself to (D)sleep,
Trying to work out my(A) problems all by (D)myself.

But in the(G) distance I hear someone call my(D) name,
Trust me child and I’ll (A)help you bear the (D)pain.

(D)He’ll be(G) there when the storms around me (D)rages.
He’ll be there when my friends have turned me (A)down
Even(G) though my cross gets so(D) heavy
I’ll keep working for a (A)robe and a(D) crown

2nd chorus
I’ll be(G) there when the storms around you(D) rages.
I’ll be there when your friends have turned you (A)down
Even(G)though your cross gets so(D) heavy Child
Keep working for a robe(A) and a (D))crown..