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From: Kenny Michael
Words and music by Rusty Goodman

I first heard this song watching a Gaithers homecoming show on TNN.
I fell in love with it. I finally found it on a Gaithers cassette,
but the key was not right for me, so I transcribed it to an easier key for me to sing.


Intro: in 4/4 time

        (F)        (F7)        (Bb)        (C7)

1st Verse:

When you (F) finally make your entrance to that (Bb) city,

Of jasper (C7) walls  and bright golden  ave(F)nues.

(C7) As (Bb) you (C7) be (F) hold all its (F7) beauty and its (Bb) splendor,

Remember (G7) there's just one request I make of (C7) you.


Look for (F) me for (Cm) I will (F7) be there (Bb) too, (G7)

I (C7) realize when you arrive there'll be so much to  (F) view.

After you've been  there ten (Cm) thousand (F7) years,

A (Bb) million maybe (Bbm) two,

Look  for (F) me  for (C7) I will  be there (F) too. (D7)

2nd Verse:

As you go (G)down your list of firsts there's no (C)question,

You'll want to(D7) see the ones that left ahead of (G)you.

(D7) And (C)when (D7)you (G)feel you've shared your (G7)story with the(C) last one,

That (A7)wants to hear you tell just how you made it (D7)through.

2nd Chorus:

Look for(G) me, I'd (Dm)like to(G7) hear it(C) too.(A7)

I (D7)realize when you arrive, there'll be so much to(G) view.

After you've been there ten(Dm) thousand (G7)years, a (C)million maybe(Cm) two,

Look for(G) me, for(D7) I will be there(G) too.    (C)

Look for (G) me, for (D7) I will  be there (G) too (Cm)

I will be there (G) too.