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Submitted by: Gene Graham []
Performer: Mac Wiseman and Bobby Osborne


CAPO: 4th Fret/KEY B:/PLAY: G

[G] There's a Little White Church in the valley
That [C] stands in my memory each [G] day
And it seems I can hear the bells ringing
[A7] Though I am many miles a-[D7] way
[G] And many times on Sunday morning
[C] The whole countryside would gather [G] there
They would all kneel down by the altar
As they lifted [D7] up their voice in [G] prayer.

[G] Oh, the Church in the valley; [C] Little White Church
Is a [G] place that I love [D7] so well
Now I'm [G] sad and lonely, yes, I'm [C] sad and lonely
For that [G] Little White [D7] Church in the [G] dell.

They would sing the old song, 'Rock of Ages'
Oh! Christ, let me hide myself in thee
And I know some of them are now waiting
Just over the dark and stormy sea
I know that their troubles all are ended
And happy forever they shall be
They are waiting and watching up yonder
For the coming home of you and me.