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Date: 2/12/97; 11:16:04 AM
From: keith agnew []
Performer: Ricky Skaggs
Album: Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol 2
Words and music by Jim Rushing and Carl Jackson

Little Mountain Church House

Intro D, G, D, A, D

D                                         G
There's a little mountain church in my thoughts of yesterday,
        D                                   A
Where friends and family gathered for the Lord,
           D                                    G
There and old fashioned preacher, taught the straight and narrow way,
                D               A              D
For, what few coins the congregation, could afford,
Dressed in all out Sunday best, we sat on pews of solid oak,
          D                               A
And I remember how our voices filled the air,
           D                              G
How mama sounded like an angel, on those high soprano notes,
               D                  A               D
And when the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.

Looking back now, that little mountain church house,
        D                      A
Has become, my life's, corner stone,
         D                              G
It was there in that little mountain church house,
          D                    A             D
I first heard the word, I've based my life upon.

D                                    G
At the all day Sunday singing, and dinner on the ground,
D                                A
Many were the souls that were revived,
           D                                G
While my brothers and my sisters, who've gone on to glory land,
           D           A              D
Slept in piece in the maple grove nearby

chorus 2x