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Subject: Re: WIllie song

Little Boy's Prayer

(C) Last night my little (C7) boy knelt (F) down beside his (C) bed.
He put his hands together and (D) then he bowed his (G7) head.
(C) He said Jesus up in (C7) Heaven I (F) need to Talk to (C) You
My Mama Always said, (G7) You'd know what to (C) do.

(C) I just don't under- (C7)stand why (F) Mom was called a- (C) way,
But Daddy said that we will (D) understand some- (G7) day,
But (C) since my Mama's (C7) gone oh (F) things are not the (C) same,
Sometimes at night I hear (G7)Daddy call her (C) name.

(C) Please tell my (C7)Mama (F) that I'm being (C) good,
I'm doing all the things, (D) that she said I (G7) should
I'm (C) trying so very (C7) hard to (F) be her little (C) man,
And each night before supper I (G7) wash my face and (C) hands.

(C) Please tell my (C7) Mama (F) that I miss her (C) so
And oh how I love her, but (D) this You already (G7) know.
And (C) there's just one (C7) thing more to (F) say before I'm (C)

Jesus I feel better (G7) when I talk to (C) You.

READING: (same chord sequence during reading:)   Well I just stood there
in the hallway with tears running down my cheeks - My little boy crawled
into bed and soon was fast asleep.  But I knew he'd found an inner
strength and it would always see him through.

(SING THIS LINE)  And I said Jesus up in Heaven, (G7) I need to talk to
(C) you.