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The Little Boy from the Carpenter Shop

He was [C]born in a stable, His [Am]mother a virgin;
[F]raised in a carpenter [C]shop.
His [C]people were slaves, His [Am]parents were poor;
His [F]friends were a lowly [G7]lot.
His [F]chances in life, [G7]seemed so slim; why,
He's [F]expected to be a [G7]slave.

But the [C]people in darkness [F]saw light in Him;
as [C]hope for [G7]freedom He [C]gave.
[C]All of the power of [Am]heaven and earth;[F]
God has invested in[C]Him.
[C]He's to die on the cross, [Am]descend into hell;
meet the [F]devil, take the keys from [G7]him.

He [F]yielded His life to the [G7]death on the cross;
cried it's [F]finished and then He [G7]died.
In the [C]regions of hell, the [F]devil celebrated;
we've [C]destroyed the [G7]King, he [C]cried.

In the [C]midst of the celebration, [Am]footsteps were heard;
walk-[F]ing the corridors of [C]hell.
Then the [C]shouting stopped, as a [Am]voice rang out;
a [F]voice as clear as a [G7]bell.
[F]Satan then trembled as he [G7]recognized Him;
who [F]came to deliver His [G7]own.

Oh, [C]shut and lock the [F]gates he cried;
don't [C]let Him [G7]ascend to His [C]Throne.
Then the [C]gates swung shut in the [Am]face of our LORD;
to [F]prove salvation [C]untrue.
But, He [C]shook hell's gates, cried [Am]lift up your heads;
the [F]King is coming [G7]through.

Then [F]out of the devil's [G7]prison house
came a proc-[F]ession led by our [G7]King.
Crying [C]out oh grave, where [F]is thy victory;
and [C]death where [G7]is thy [C]sting?
[C]Who is the [F]King of Glory?
The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY; that is [C]He.
[C]Who is the [F]King of Glory?
He's the master of the host of heaven [C]supreme.

[C]Who is the [F]King of Glory?
He's the one that not even death could [C]stop!
[C]Who [G7]is the King of Glory?
The Little Boy from the Carpenter [C]Shop[~F~C]
[C]The Little [G7]Boy from the Carpenter [F]Shop![~~C]