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Words and music: John Stallings
From: Michael Thomas

Learning To Lean
      (G,*B 3/4 Slow)

      G                 C
      Learning to Lean, Learning to Lean,
          G                   G/D D7
      I'm Learning to Lean on Je- sus
      G            G7         C
      Finding More Power than I'd Ever Dreamed,
          G                   D7 G
      I'm Learning to Lean on Je-sus,

      Verse 1

          G              G7    C
      The Joy I Can't Ex-plain Fills My Soul,
                G                   D7
      Since the Day I Made Jesus My King,
          G            G7        C
      His Blessed Holy Spirit Is Leading My Way;
           G                D7          G
      He's Teaching and I'm Learning to Lean.

      Verse 2

              G        G7           C
      There's Glorious Vic-try Each Day Now, for Me,
            G                     D7
      And I Found His Peace So Se-rene.
         G                  G7      C
      He Helps Me with Each Task If Only, I'll Ask;
            G            D7          G
      Ev'ry Day Now I Am Learning to Lean.