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Words and music: Tanya Goodman and Michael Sykes
From: Guitar Picker -
The King of Who I Am

My days are filled with laughter,
   G                    Am
My heart has known Your peace.
      F                   G               C
I've travelled far, still there is far to go.
             Am               G
'Cause in my heart there is a longing,
F            Em
To look upon Your face.

F                                G
Where You are is where I want to be.
You are my King;

You are the Lamb;
Lion of Judah,
G           G7 F
Seed of Abraham,
The Holy One,
F          Am
God's only Son.
    F       G             C
You are the King of who I am.

Every road I've travelled down,
G                 Am
You have walked before me.
F                 G            C
Made the light to shine out of darkness.
     Am              G   F            Am
I am looking for the day when I bow before You,
F                    G
Lay my crown at Your feet.