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From: Nelman, Carl R

John 3:16

G                                 C               G
In the Bible we are told how that Jesus saved our soul,
G                    D
in John 3:16 you can find,
G                                C                 G
how God gave His only Son, Jesus died for every -  one,
G                   D                    G
life eternal we can win through Him di - vine.

                 C                            G
           For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
          G                                   D
          to save the world from sin and from strife,
          G                                      C                  G
          heed these words and read today, teach yourself the Bible way,
          G                      D           G
          do not fool around but win eternal life.

     (verse 2)
G                              C              G
People out in sin today need a hand along the way,
G                                        D
through this cold and dreary world as we go,
G                                       C                G
from His heavenly home above God shines down his blessed love, 
G                          D                    G
if they put their trust in Him they'll make the goal.   (chorus)

  (to close the song:  instrumental break then repeat the Chorus)