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From: "ronnie davis"

Jesus Will Outshine Them All

Oh what [D] glory awaits me in heaven’s bright city
When I [A7] get there . Such sights I’ll be [D] hold
A million scenes of beauty Will demand that I view them
Still my [A7] Jesus will outshine them [D] all

[G] Mansions will glisten On the [D] hills of Glory
A [A7] Happy reunion on [D] streets of pure gold
[G] Angels are singing God’s [D] praises forever
Still, my [A7] Jesus will outshine them [D] all

The sparkling [D] river is flowing happy faces are glowing
Land of [A7] splendor where nights never [D] come
The golden glass gives reflection of that cities perfection
Still [A7] Jesus will outshine them [D] all