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Words: Roswell Park
Music: “Autumn,” François H. Barthélémon
From: Guitar Picker -
Jesus Spreads His Banner O'er Us

      G           C       G
Jesus spreads his banner o’er us,
       D   G                   D
Cheers our famished souls with food;
G              C         G
He the banquet spreads before us,
C      G/D    D7        G
Of His mystic flesh and blood.

Precious banquet, bread of heaven,
     D  G         C A9/C  Dsus4 D7
Wine of gladness, flowing free;
G                C      G
May we taste it, kindly given,
C    G/D        D7       G
In remembrance, Lord, of Thee.

In Thy holy incarnation,
When the angels sang Thy birth;
In Thy fasting and temptation,
In Thy labors on the earth,
In Thy trial and rejection,
In Thy sufferings on the tree,
In Thy glorious resurrection,
May we, Lord, remember Thee.