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From: Jones, WilliamA
by Sonya Issacs

Jesus My Soul Provider

C F G C , C F C G, C         C F G   C Am G F G C G F C F G  C,
A D A G D G  A D G A D

There's no problem in my life that can compare to all the strife
      F                G           C
Jesus bore for me that day on Calvary
        C                                                 F
So with faith enough to stand, I'm gonna take him by the hand
              C                     G                  C
He'll lead me through this lonesome land, My soul provider

        F         G         C                      Am
He's my soul provider, he's my strength and battle fighter
           G                                F          G
when the storm's surrounding me, He's my harbor of safety
   C              G             F              C
On no other I can call, when my back is to the wall
     F        G         C
Only Jesus my soul provider

Turn around

Now no more I walk alone for I have claimed him for my own
He is the dearest friend that I have ever had
and when my journey is complete, I will sail the skies to meet
with Jesus, my soul provider


He's my soul provider, he's my strenght and battle fighter
when the storms's surrounding me, he's my harbor of safety,  S A F E T Y
D                 A            G              D          G        A         D
on no other I can call when my back is to the wall, only Jesus my soul provider
     G        A                        D
only Jesus my soul, Only Jesus my soul provider