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Words: Ivan Lindestad [Translation by T.B. Barett]
Music: Conner Haag

Jesus Our Helmsman

 Our life like a (A)sailor's, sweeps through the night (E)season,
And forward past billows, and white foaming (A)reefs;
The struggle goes on, oft' contrary to (D)reason,
But Jesus our (A)Captain, re(B)moves all our (E)grief.

With Christ as our (A)Helmsman, in darkness and (E)danger,
We rest in His keeping by night and by (A)day;
He'll anchor our bark in that Haven up (Bm)yonder,
And there we'll for(A)get all the (E7)toil of this (A)way.

If billows sur(D)round us and tempests rage (A)madly,
We're nearer the Haven each moment that (D)goes;
Soon sorrows and (D7)troubles that troubled us (G)badly
Are all left be(D)hind in that (E)ocean of (A)woes.

Second Chorus:
With Christ as our (D)Helmsman in darkness or (A)danger,
We'll rest in His (A7)keeping by night or by (D)day;
He'll anchor our (D7)bark in that (B7)Haven up (Em)yonder
And there we'll for(D)get all the (A7)toil of this (D)way.

The cold fog and (D)darkness may cause us to (A)languish,
But God's precious promise surrounds us with (D)light;
The frail vessel struggles through seasons of (G)anguish,
But Word comes from (D)Heaven with (E)strength for the (A)fight.