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Performer: Big Tent Revival
Album: Big Tent Revival
from: (Eric Norwood)
edited by: (Brian Kurtyka)
copyright: Photon Music

Jesus Is Your Friend  

  G      C                   G           C
Take the biggest thing thats got you down,
G        C                G
Stand it up right next to God
   C                 G         C
anyone can see who's bigger now,
G        C            G   C
It don't take no astronaut.

   C     G  Am      C  G Am
So don't be scared, or a fraid.
      C G   D  F#   G
Cause Jesus is your friend
G   A            C
Oh, it's alright He'll be there in the black of night.
G  A       C
Oh it's ok He'll be there in the light of day.
G         A            (C             G)
Love will never end if (Jesus is your friend (x2))

G      C            G   C
When I was a little baby.
G            C                     G C
They used to leave the night light on.
G             C                G         C
Now there's a light that lives inside of me.
G         C            G     C
That even makes a baby strong.


SOLO:  Em, Am, C,
       Em, Am, C, D\F#, Dsus, D, D2, D, G

G         C                G    C
How can I get to know this Jesus?
G           C              G     C
You may be wondering down inside.
G               C               G           C
He's right here pulling on your heart strings.
G           C           G
Won't you come and open wide?


   C                   G
If Jesus is your Friend (x4)
   C     G  Am
So don't be scared