Words and music: Fanny Crosby and George C Stebbins
From: Guitar Picker - www.gospelmusic.org.uk
Jesus Is Tenderly Calling

Jesus is tenderly calling you home
G7                C
Calling today, calling today,

Why from the sunshine of love will you roam,
G           D7      G
Farther and farther away?

C              G7
Calling today, calling today,
         F           C        G7        C
Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today.

Jesus is calling the weary to rest,
Calling today, calling today,
Bring Him your burden and you shall be blest;
He will not turn you away.


Jesus is waiting, O come to Him now,
Waiting today, waiting today,
Come with your sins, at His feet lowly bow;
Come, and no longer delay.