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Performed by Alison Krauss
Written by Ron Block
From: "Bo Frazer"

Jesus Help Me To Stand

capo 3 (so C becomes Eb)

        C       F            C
Through trials, troubles and care
            C        F         C
I know that Jesus my savior is there
          C             F       C
Giving me faith through darkest days
F          C      G      C
Keeping me on the narrow way

F     C       F            C
Jesus savior, help me each day
             G                  C
Fill me with hope, fill me with faith
                         F             C
Darkness retreats at the touch of Your hand
F     C       G          C
Jesus savior, help me to stand

Jesus lived through darkest pain
Rejected by men, despising the shame
Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief
He gave his life so we may be free

I know that Jesus died for me
Cancelled my debt at Calvary
Rose from the dead, unlocked Heaven's door
Trust in his love and live evermore