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Title: Jesus Died For Me
Artist: Hank Williams on the 10 CD Boxset CD 9 Track 3 (with Audrey)
Writer: Hank Williams
Contributed by: Felton Hall

Jesus Died For Me         Key: C

When (C)everything goes wrong
And it (F)seems all hope is (C)gone
I remember how my Savior (G7)died
He (C)died there on the cross
So this (F)world would not be (C)lost
Jesus died for (G7)me long a(C)go

Jesus died for me long ago
On a hillside far a(G7)way
He was (C)tortured and slain
God (F)bless His Holy (C)name
Jesus died for (G7)me long a(C)go

What pain He suffered there
The (F)Holy One so (C)dear
So that you and I could (G7)live
I'll (C)try to repay
For His (F)sufferin' on that (C)day
Jesus died for (G7)me long a(C)go


As He hung there all alone
His (F)life's blood almost (C)gone
He never stopped prayin' for (G7)me
So I'll (C)follow all the way
And (F)live with Him some(C)day
Jesus died for (G7)me long a(C)go