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Submitted by Craig Bennett
Written and performed: Medical Mission Sisters

It's A Long Road To Freedom

         D            G
It's a long road to freedom,
     D                A7
A winding steep and high,
But if you walk in love
With the wind on your wing,
And cover the earth
With the songs you sing
       D    G  D
The miles fly by

    D           G            D
I walked one morning by the sea,
                G          A7     D
And all the waves reached out to me,
    G           A7                D
I took their tears, then let them be.

I walked one morning at the dawn,
When bits of night still lingered on,
I sought my star, but it was gone.

I walked one morning with a friend,
And prayed the day would never end,
The years have flown, so why pretend.

I walked one morning with my King,
And all my winters turned to spring,
Yet every moment held its sting.