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Words and music: Gordon Jensen
From: Guitar Picker -
It Made News in Heaven

Well it [C] didn't make the papers
In this [F] world when I prayed [C] through
It [C] didn't seem to matter
To [D] all but just a [G] few
But in the [C] golden streets of glory
Celebration banners [F] waved
It made news in [F] hea[C]ven
[G] When I got [C] saved

[F] Angels were rejoicing
[C] Hallelujahs rang
When [D] Jesus touched my life
And I was [G] changed [Gsus4 - G]
[F] Every[C]one in glory's realm
Knew my [F] name was written down
[F] It made news in [C] heaven
[G] When I got [C] saved

Not long ago a beggar
Now a child of the king
This old world just shrugged its shoulders
It didn't mean a thing
But it was god's approval
My spirit really craved
Yes it made news in heaven
When I got saved