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From: Roger Peterson
Words and music by Stuart Hamblen

It is no Secret
4/4 time

[C]The chimes of time [C7]ring [F]out the news,
an[C]other day is through.
[G7]Someone slipped and fell,
[C]was that someone you?
[G7]You [C] may have you longed [C7]for [F]added strength,
your [C]courage to renew.
[G]Do not be disheartened,
for [D7]I have news for [G7] you:


[C]It [G7]is [C7]no [F]secret, what [G7]God can [C]do.
What He's done for [G7] others,
He'll do for [C]you.
With arms [C]wide [F]open,
He'll pardon [C]you.
[C]It is no [G7]secret, what God can [C] do! [F] [C]

[C] There is no night, [C7]for in [F]His light,
you'll [C]never walk alone.
[G7]Always feel at home,
where [C]ever you may roam.
[G7]There is no power [C7]can [F]conquer you,
while [C]God is on your side.
[G]Just take [G]Him at his Promise.
Don't [D7]run away and [G7]hide.

Chorus: x2