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Performer: Don Williams
Album: Currents
Words and music: Dobie Gray
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -

The Family

Intro: D G D G D G
      D                G      D
I was raised up by the Golden Rule,
D                      G          D
In an old house with a patched-up roof.
         A                G
We had a hard road but it pulled us close;
        D        G  D  G  D
We were family.

Oh that summer, when the crops all died,
Was the first time I saw Daddy cry,
And I heard Mama say,
"What goes on here stays,
In the family."

Well our clothes weren't new,
That old car was used,
But we held our own.
       Bm                  G
Oh you just can't buy that sense of pride,
We grew up on . . .
       D       G D G D
In the family.

I remember every Sunday night,
After supper, 'round the firelight.
How peaceful Daddy looked
As he read the Good Book . . .
To the family.

Some folk said we were barely making do,
But we were better off than they ever knew.
We never had much,
But we sure had love . . .
In the family.


G D7 G D7 G D7