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Written and performed: Dallas Holm
Album: Chain Of Grace

In My Fathers House

  (standard tuning capo on third fret)   (ADD D6 D7 A6 A7 TO SOUND BETTER)

  (first verse)
  D                   A
  all the windows are broken
  D                        A
  all the lights have gone dim
  D                       A
  all the doors they hang open
  G       A         D    A
  lettin' time move in

  D               A
  built on a poor foundation
  D                        A
  and time has not been to kind
  D                   A
  almost complete devastation
  G             A         D
  thats why i'm here to remind

  G                 D
  that the Lord has gone before us
  G            D
  to prepare a place forever
  G                D
  if it weren't so He'd have told us
  C                         A
  but He told us what we'll find
        G       D
  in my Fathers house
  A     G       D
  in my Fathers house
  G              D
  there are many mansions
        A       D  G
  in my Fathers house
  D     A       D      A
  in my Fathers house
  (second verse)
  D                          A
  and so make sure that your treasure
  D                        A
  is not where rust can destroy
  D                        A
  but let your heart be forever
  G       A             D
  be made rich with the joy
  (repeat chorus)
  G      D        G            D
  Master Builder, Maker of all things
  G        D     C             A
  Great Provider all of heaven sings
  (repeat chorus)