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Performer: Flat and Scruggs
Album: Foggy Mountaian Gospel

I'm Working On A Road, (That Leads To Glory)


I'm working on a road, that leads to Glory

I want to shake, my Savior's hand

I'm building my hopes, on things eternal

                 D            G
I'm working on a road to Glory land.

G                              C            G
Each day I get so lonely while living here below

My Savior's waiting' patiently, I'm planning now to go

G                               C                    G
I want a firm foundation that's built with God's own hand

                               D             G
So now I've started building a road to Glory land.

G                         C                 G
Oh, listen to me sinners, don't you want to go

You know you have no promise of living here below

G                                      C            G
You know He suffered for our sins and died upon the cross

                                      D                  G
For all who did believe on Him, their souls would not be lost.

G                                 C              G
And when this road is finished, I want to travel on

I can hear the angels singing up there around the throne

G                            C                G
I want to see my mother, and take her by the hand

                              D             G
As soon as I have finished my road to Glory land.