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Alex Middleton []

I'm Standing On The Solid Rock

(E) Through my disappointments, (A) strife and discontentment,
I (E) cast my every care on the (B7) Lord,
No(E) matter what obsession (A) pain or deep depression,
I'm (E) standing on the (B7) Solid (E) Rock.

(E) I'm standing on the Rock of Ages,
(B7) Safe from all the (E) storm that rages,
Rich, but not from Satan's wages,
I'm standing on the (B7) Solid (E) Rock.

Even though He's gone now, I don't feel alone now,
With comfort came the Spirit of the Lord.
Now with His hand to guide me, from temptation hide me,
I'm standing on the Solid Rock.


Now I'm pressing on-ward, each step leads me home-ward,
I'm trusting in my Saviour day by day.
And close is our relation, frim is it's foundation,
So on this Solid Rock I'll stay.