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From: "Tim Ausburn"
This is the work of Tim Ausburn.
This is the first song Hank did with this title.
This one is from a 1949 KWKH radio transcription, with mandolin and Dobro.
Felton sent in the second song by this name, it's from 1950.
The words and melody are completely different on the songs!

Words and music: Hank Williams


Key G

(G) Standin' by the bedside of a (C) dyin' friend one (G) day,
Tears in my eyes, 'till (A7) I heard him (D7) say,
(G) Don't weep for me, don't (C) cry when I'm (G) gone,
For glory to God, to-(D7) night I'm goin' (G) home.  (G7)

(C) I'm goin' home, yes, (G) I'm goin' home,
No more will I in this (A7) sinful world (D7) roam,
(G) Jesus my savior, (C) waits upon the (G) throne,
Glory to God, to-(D7) night I'm goin' (G) home.

The sun is slowly sinkin', on this life of mine,
But there's no regretting as I look behind,
For I am so happy, that Jesus I've known,
Glory to God, tonight I'm goin' home.

Repeat chorus: