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Words and music: Norman J. Clayton

If We Could See Beyond Today

Capo: 1st fret

If (E)we could see beyond today as (Bsus4)God can (B)see,
If (F#m)all the clouds should (B7sus4)roll a(B7)way,
The (A/E)shadows (E)flee;
O'er (Bm/D)present griefs we (C#7)would not fret,
Each (F#m)sorrow we would (Am6)soon forget,
For (E)many joys are (C#m)waiting (F#)yet
(E)For (B)you and (E)me.


If (E)we could know beyond today as (Bsus4)God doth (B)know,
Why (F#m)dearest treasures (B7sus4)pass a(B7)way,
And (A/E)tears must (E)flow.
We'd (Bm/D)know that darkness (C#7)leads to light,
And (F#m)dreary days will (Am6)soon grow bright;
Some (E/B)day life's wrongs will (C#m)be made (F#7)right,
(E/B)Faith (B)tells us (E)so.


If (F)we could see, if we could know, we (Csus4)often (C)say,
But (Gm)God in love a (C7sus4)veil doth (C7)throw
A(Bb/F)cross our (F)way;
We (Cm/Eb)cannot see what (D7)lies before,
And (Gm)so we cling to (Bbm6)Him the more,
He (F/C)leads us till this (Dm)life is (G9)o'er;
(F/C)Trust (C7)and o(F)bey.

He (F/C)leads us till this (Dm7)life is (G9)o'er;
(F/C)Trust (C7)and o(F)bey.(G/F)-(F).