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From: Michael E. Lee
Performer: Jaci Valasquez
Words and music: Michelle Tumes, Tyler Hayes, Erik Sundin, Mark Heimermann
(c) 1996 BMG Music PTY.LTD.

If This World

D  A  Bm7  G  A

D                  A
Do you feel you've been disowned
Left outside in the cold
        G     A
And without a home?
D                 A
Do you think that no one cares
That you're lost and alone
        G     A
And without a prayer

Em         D
Don't give in to the lie
That there's no one you can turn to
Em         D
Don't lose heart, there is hope
         G                A
There is someone who will never desert you

    D       A                 Bm
    If this world is a lonely place for you
    G             A       D
    Fall into the arms of love
               A              Bm
    If this world is a lonely place for you
    G                         A
    There's a God who you can trust
    Em(G)                  A        D
    Who'll comfort you and lift you up

Are you looking for a friend
Who will stand by your side
To the very end?
Someone who is always true
To his word, be assured
He won't turn from you

Put your faith in the One
Who will never let you down
He has proven His love
Open up to all He has for you now


G             D                 A
He hears your cry, He sees your tears
He knows your pain and all your fears
             D             A
He waits for you with open arms
He loves to live inside your heart
             D   A    D
You'll never be alone again