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Words and music: Dottie Rambo
From: Guitar Picker -
If That isn't Love

(G) He left the (D) splendour of (G) heaven
(C) Knowing His (D) desti(G)ny
Was the (G) lonely hill of Gol(C)gatha
There to (G) lay down His (D) life for (G) me

If (G) that isn't (C) love the ocean is (G) dry
There's no stars in the (D) sky
And the sparrow can't (G) fly
If that isn't (C) love then heaven's a (G) myth
There's no feeling like (F) this
If that isn't (G) love (C) (G) (C)

Even in death He remembered
The thief hanging by His side
He spoke with love and compassion
The He took him to paradise