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Words and music: Sandy Knight
From: Guitar Picker -

D7    G                         C                G
  Sometimes I get so tangled up in those blessed pages,
C             G
How I'm gonna rest forever in the Rock of Ages.
                                C               G
How I'm gonna live and sing and shout a million years,
    C                     G
And hear Him say, "You've made it home,
         C                G
Here's a crown of life to call your own."

I think I'll read it again

And see how high I can fly.

I think I'll read it again
           D              G
And how my feet are gonna rise.

I think I'll read it again

The mighty book of Revelation.
                             D7 C
It's the only one I know for certain,
G                C        D7 C
Only one that predicts my future.
G                    D
I think I'll read it again
And let it bless my soul.

Some read of how ol' Satan's days already have been numbered,
How one day in a darkened pit a thousand years he'll tumble.
But in another place there'll be a mighty celebration,
It's in the New Jerusalem,
We'll be rejoicing with the Lamb.


Now that's not all, there's even more there in those blessed pages.
Satan and his wicked crowd will burn throughout the ages.
There's more good news, I'm telling you, o how I love to tell it!
We'll all go sailing into home
And live forever with the lamb.